Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Works

Go on now. Take it from me. I’ve got my own now. Are you curious as to what it might be? Well I shall let that remain a mystery. This is turning around and I love the direction I face. The cool wind blows with me as if approving of the path. There used to be so much heaviness to each step I took. I was used to it. I didn’t notice it. But now as I walk with new motivation and life, I can tell how weakened it had made me. Yes, I am human. My thoughts still wonder on what could have been but it’s different than before. I don’t expect this to come about but I do still hope for it too. I have flaws and doubts even amidst this new found hope. I have them because it is new. I’m not sure about it just yet. I know greatness could come but with how much time? I am an impatient being. I’ve put so much into something else that did not come about and I don’t know if I want to leave what I have invested in and start on something new. I’m so not sure, even though this something new seems far more promising if only cause of its youngness. Oh how I roll around in moments and ignore some things I shouldn’t. I avoid the things I need to confront most. Its just a lot of things all at once.