Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shift of Life

I ordered an HD camera yesterday! I epically twisted my ankle today! I didn't take an exam today! I'm taking an exam Thursday!

Well my life is typically dull, the same level anyone else would probably evaluate their own life as. I think the reason some people are bored is cause they don't change their life enough. I mean, that's a very obvious observation but life is something we live everyday and the patterns we have can, and do, get really boring as they droll on day by day, unchanging. So once in a while we should wake up early, go take a walk before getting ready for work or school, go to a diner for a nice dose of energizing coffee and pancakes, wake up late so you have to hurry around more than usual, challenge yourself to take a faster shower (that would also be a good way to save on water). We could come home from class or work and instead of walking to the couch, computer, or wherever, turn on some music and dance! We could use some spice of life, some invigorating changes, risks taken, ordering something new from the menu instead of the all too comfortable fettuccine alfredo. Use different words. Learn new ones. Look up old ones and let the freshness of the uncommon phrase livin' things up a smidge. Live it up, make tomorrow a day of difference, a day of newness. I for one am gonna start rustling my neatly arranged feathers of life and hit up some random diner where the waitresses are named Flo and they are almost too friendly with their habit of calling you "Hun" or "Babe" as they refill your mug with the blackest of awakenings. Join me.

By the by, this is not at all what I intended to type when I started. I was gonna talk about a sprained ankle, a new camera, and 789 NYC. Things change though, and change is good ; )

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caserad said...

"the blackest of awakenings" is a beautiful phrase.
change is good, and necessary. really dig the picture with the racket :) hope the ankle is on the up and up