Monday, September 26, 2011

New Styles

Ok. So some new things I plan on doing with this blog are happening right now. As you have probably seen I've been updating my blog with a new post every Friday. All but a few of them have been poems too. What I plan on doing now is updating every Monday with a post sorta like this one and every Friday with a story or poem or some other piece of writing. Right now, I don't have much to roll on about so I think I'll leave this post kinda wandering and let it fade out of specificity and into just whatever comes from my finger right now.

I've been running, working out pretty consistently to lose weight. It's the most solid working out I've done since I've been in college. I'm doing it for my wedding as well as just because I'm tired of having a gut. I'm loving that I have this motivation to continue with this running instead of letting it fade. I'm on my third week and it's a 9 week program

As far school goes, I've said some about it and now that I'm deeper in it I can tell you a little more. I like my Social Psychology class; I've always enjoyed social psych the most. Group dynamics and the concept of our actions being guided by a social survival system is just so neat to me. I'm also in a class where I am learning to give IQ tests to children and adults. Then I have an Applied Behavior Analysis class which is my least favorite class.

Job-wise I've started working as a tutor in a special needs Catholic school in Oklahoma City. The school is partnered with Mercy Hospital. It's a good job and it's not overwhelming. I get to use the hours I work there for some practicum hours for my School Psychology and ABA program. It also helps that I will be able to do some of my projects with the kids I work with there so I won't have to add more to my schedule outside of school and work.

One last bit of something I'd like to say is that I have gotten a main role in an upcoming comedy news web series. The series is being put on by Eyeshock which is a small independent production company here in Oklahoma City. It doesn't have a name yet, the show that is, and I have yet to begin working on it but as of right now I am slated to be a main character on the program and I am excited.

Now I know I've rambled and most of this isn't going to be too interesting but I tried to break it down into smaller bits so that it is easier to digest. I coulda rolled on about random thoughts within these subjects themselves but I did my best not to and if I strayed off too much I apologize. I will try to have the Monday posts be a little more directed next time. Toodles!


Casey said...

The picture of you and miro...i want to see that on back covers/inside back flaps of collections and volumes of your brilliant words. Not only does it make for a phenomenal author picture, but it's Epic.

PermanentGrip said...

i agree, it was one of my senior pictures for when i was graduating college. Jessica took them of me and that one is one of my favorites.

Casey said...

Well you're both very talented in respective fields! Well done.