Monday, August 5, 2013

Time and Again

Here I am. Talking to you guys again... Whoever you guys are that read this. Should we bring back Update days? Like every Wednesday? Tuesday? Monday? I don't know yet. I'm not sure what I would update you with at this point. I have things currently but future things... What would they be? Anyhow. I am in the middle of two writing projects, both of which are going slowly.

The first one is a character-based film that involves characters that have minor super powers who are part of a crime organization. The tentative title is Illusion. My friend Josh and I have been writing this one since somewhere around last October or November. I can't quite remember when we actually started on it. Well, whenever it started, Josh and I began meeting and started brainstorming sessions about ideas regarding what kind of movie we would like to write. Eventually we came up with something brand new that also combined two of our own creations. Beck, from Aftermath, is a character in this universe but is not a main character in this particular story. My friend also adapted some of his characters from previous writings he has done. We are taking our time with it, ironing out plot details, making sure it fits well, and developing the characters and dialogue to where it seems like a natural story progression. It's going to be good once we finish it. Quality is the primary goal in this project.

The other thing I am working on is a short story titled The Numerous Deaths of John Duar. It's not a very complicated story but the concept behind the story is complicated. It's a story that is symbolic of our need to die to sin on a daily basis. The basic idea of the story is that there is this guy--John Duar--who is destined to play out the deaths of an unspecified number of lives for an unspecified reason. Without giving too much away, he enters each life knowing exactly how, when, and where the life ends. Each life will end no later than 24 hours after he enters it. It's kind of like he guides each life along their death-path and ensures their end. But he has free will to avoid the death if he chooses and there is always a very tempting aspect of these lives tug at him to stay alive longer than he is supposed to. That's where the conflict arises.

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