Thursday, August 14, 2008

Begin The Countdown... Start At 888

888 was a beginning of something. I felt it. Drake felt it. We talked about it. We planted seeds. I don't want to call it a revolution cause that sounds violent and self-righteous. I'd call more of a return to the early times. That's what we need now. No more singular mindsets. No more celebrity walls being put up. No more separation. Communication is key. Talking, conversing, bringing the community feel and equality back into focus. It will take work. It will take searching. It will take time. But it can be a great positive change. This is something I feel very strongly about. Something we both feel very strongly about; something that we are going to begin this. We aren't as much like others, full of talk and heavy words lacking action. We won't try to inspire by phrases, we will be examples by movement. It will be spoken of and it will be spread. The return is going to be wonderful, the return will be difficult.

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