Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Aspirations

i have so many dreams, so many desires of things i want to be. despite all this i barely pursue many of the dreams i have. why is that? i cant say cause i dont know myself. i want to be a famous actor but i havent done any acting. i want to be singer/song writer but i dont sing, play any instruments or write any songs. i want to invent something amazing and revolutionary but i never try to build things to solve problems. i want to be a successful and well-known writer... and im trying at that one pretty good. i have three short stories ive worked on some (though not any time recently) and now im writing for nanowrimo which is working out really well right now. at least in the way that it has me thinking and writing about something and getting ideas floating. i may only have just under 9k words but i feel the potential for so much more... i just dont sit down and write all that much. i could easily shoot out a good 6k words if i sat down and just started typing, i could do that tonight, right now, i have the ideas and event going in my head that would fill that and much more. but i dont do it. its hard for me to make myself write and i dont know why. i could so easily finish the 50k if i wrote on this like i can. i could get the remaining 41k or so in these final days but i cant seem to ever make myself do it. i mean, im writing this when i could be using all this for my nano. i dont know. nothing to blame but myself really. ok, well thats all i really have for now.

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