Saturday, November 8, 2008

My One Minute

Can a breath even save me?
Air within burning lungs
An old age destroying the young
What does a jolt of life do?
My heart increases pace
In a moment of silence, I am safe
Should a single day define all history?
Stretch me to leave behind
I trace my hopes, regret my lies
Will words be important as the catalyst to movement?
Lost in a stare of imperfection
This life remains a mere animation
Must man create his own trap?
One truth, one life to live it
I've been gone forever in only one minute


Anonymous said...

This is really deep.

Anonymous said...

that's really beautiful. =)

Shawna said...
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Shawna said...

i like the flow of the whole thing & how it's short & sweet & just kind of hits you in the face at the end. awesomeee.