Sunday, December 28, 2008

Down And Gone

Conquest for commanding's sake.
From then we drank of putrid mistakes.
Radiating out to call a father.
Taking an aim.
Not her.
Cripple a leg, lose an eye.
Fight the good fight.
Fight til you die.
Cryptic picks of loosening lips.
Rebuilding a life amid harbored ships.

1 comment:

caserad said...

reminds me of the scene you let me read on msn, and this is good indeed. dark but it hits you that there's a lot of feeling in it, behind it. thumbs way up, i really like it.

p.s. i hope this doesn't mean you're down and gone; hope your christmas was fantastic and i wish you a very happy new year, with everything you want to happen working out splendidly.