Saturday, January 10, 2009


22 Travel
Running from, chasing down
The sun reaching every town
Closing eyes, open lands
Begging love in gasping hands
Stepping out, changes grow
Days too short, I won't let go
Words more than their sake
Breaths held not to break
Hold again a thousand discomforts
A moment here brings all wonders

Flip Roll
You leave me closing out from spinning black
Beauty repeated
Death retreated
Coming to show a broken heart
No way this is for me
A chance begins, passion induced
I want to cry
Fall and scream
Believe me
I'm lost tonight


Denise said...

You're safe. I'm happy. I didn't get to see you. I'm sad.

Hopefully our paths cross soon. <3 E>

caserad said...

i'm really happy you're ok after that, and i hope that's mud and not blood on top of the car.
i also love how you used so little words to convey such a message.
"a moment here brings all wonders" is such a beautiful line! splendid, splendid work sam. really glad you're alright.