Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok here goes something written purely for the sake of having it documented somewhere. It’s not in response to anything anyone has said and it’s not born out of something that I’ve experienced recently. It’s about the meaning of my poetry in relation to my current state of mind or mood.

I began writing poems in English class my sophomore year of high school. I only wrote them because it was an assignment but I soon found poetry to be an outlet of expression for me. I started writing about some things going in my life that were confusing to me and very heavy at the time. This is where most of my early poetry came from; it was all based on the present moment. I wrote many, many poems over the same subject. Each poem was derived from a different event or moment or word that I experienced within the larger frame of a yearlong search- a search for something I never found. I could draw on the emotions I had at the time and pour those out onto paper in the form of my early poems. I became very good at using these emotions as fuel and I can still easily draw on these emotions of the past to write passionately in the present. I look at it as exercise. I worked out my “poetry muscles” early on and got them attuned to writing about one thing and I have still yet to forget how to write about it. I’ll occasionally come out and write about the past to exercise those muscles so I don’t get out of shape in writing.

So some of my writings will be about past events and do not reflect my current state of mind. I write about the familiar. I do write about my current feelings far more than the past. Sometimes I feel like I need to write but have nothing in the present potent enough to generate a writing so I will draw upon my reserves and write about the past. I’m sure this is what all writers do and I don’t think I’m some unique poet in that I do this; I just wanted to say it for its own sake. And since my poetry is posted on a blog, which is meant to be filled with current thoughts, views, events and whatnot, I felt I should say not all entries are directly related to my current state of mind… which is something I think you all might already know. Anywho, I just felt like writing this.

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