Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Late Title

I don't wanna force a post on here but lately I've not been in the writing mood. I haven't written a thing in a good long while. I know two posts ago I did an update but that was almost 4 weeks ago. These past weeks I've been at my job, just doing what I do. This summer has been lacking in adventure for me and I've really needed something to kick start things or just kick in general, lol. I'm pretty sure I've found that now.

Miro is getting quite big. I really look forward to having that little dude around for a good long while, I love my pup so much. He's just as smart as ever. He's learned to sit, lay down, stand on two feet, and he knew how to speak but now he doesn't do it anymore and I don't know why.

This post is really just so I don't feel like I've totally neglected my blog and those few who read it. So, I'm alive, I'm doing good, I'll be doing better, and I love you all. =]


Caserad said...

Miro! This reminds me that I've still not commented on your last video, though I've watched it a number of times already. I shall do that....
Where was I? Oh yes, Miro! I'm glad things are turning out so well for the both of you. Guild dog is adorable!!
Happy to hear you're alive, doing well and shall be better.
Much love and goodness!

Caserad said...

He's the most adorable pup!!
And he looks so much bigger than at AoTG! O.O I'm amazed!