Friday, November 6, 2009

Miro and my brother

My pup has grown quite a bit. Looking back at that other pic, he seems so gangly and not totally grown into his ears. Now his face has filled out and he looks much more awesome. I've been living quite nicely these past few months. No particular things come to mind to speak of.

My brother's football career came to an end with a season ending injury a few weeks back and his last two games are coming up these next two weekends. It's sad to see something like this head out after it having been such a big part of his life. He's played football since the third grade and I know it's gonna leave some sort of an empty feeling when it's finally over for good for him. I love my brother and I know he's a strong guy but I know he's gonna go through this in some sort of hard way. I've always looked up to and loved my brother. His hard work in football and school is something I have never been able to touch but I have always BIRGed off it. BIRG is a term I learned several years ago in social psychology and I've always used it in my head and now I'm gonna start saying it. It stands for Basking In Reflected Glory and it's the reason we always want to brag about our friends and family because we feel that their good qualities somehow reflect on who we are. So there's a little tidbit for ya. I BIRG off my big brother cause he is an amazing man of God and I love him.

I realize that this entry is a little scattered but that's how I think, in a scattered way.

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Caserad said...

Miro is an adorable pup and I feel really lucky to have kind of talked to him, via interweb typos and chats.
As for your brother, I'm really sorry to hear that it ending like this for him. I'm not the best judge really, but from what I've heard about your family they're some pretty amazing people and capable of surmounting anything. I think it'll take your help, but I wish your brother both a speedy recovery and all the best.