Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tell Me of Love

I've thought on love and how it works, what it is. To me love can hardly be explained with intent. For me, the clarity of love comes through in a moment where I let myself go. The connection is made with no effort. Love is something elusive and amazing. Love is natural and unattempted. Love makes us feel alive. Love is a fire that burns our emotions and lets us know there is more out there than caring for ourselves. We love in the hopes that we are loved; in the hopes that we can be recognized as worthy of such an overwhelming and passionate feeling. Love is selfish. Love wants everything for itself; it wants all to be under its blanket of fire. I feel that for this reason, when two people find such a power as love between each other, they truly become one. Love binds us to another soul showing us that we are not animals; showing us that we are humans and showing us how much farther we can go than mere humanity. Love is everlasting and holy. Love is amazing and destructive. Love is kind and patient. Love is the universe created for the most cherished creation. Love breaks us into imperfect pieces only to meld us into unison with that other magnificently imperfect being that completes us. It brings us to a perfection lost in the human eye; a perfection seen only by the heart.

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Caserad said...

As Matthew Stover once said, "Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars."

I agree with you Sam. About the entirety of this piece. You are right to say that it's destructive, just as you are right to say that it can "bind world to world and heart to heart", as I hear my rabbi say every week.
You're right you're right you're right and love is right. Beyond that, I don't believe we as humans can hope for a much else. But we can hope for love.