Friday, July 29, 2011

Zombie Wars: Rules, Tactics and Regulations

To begin, some of the rules of Zombie Wars are based on judgment rather than anything cut and dry. This is mainly due to the game originating at an after school program with children ranging in age from kindergarten to 5th grade. These rules have more solid standards, though that is not how the game is typically played.

Zombie Wars

The Beginning- The game begins with a single zombie. The person selected to begin as the zombie is the First Zombie. The infection begins with the First Zombie and spreads to the Human victims throughout each round. The last human infected in a round becomes the First Zombie of the next round.

Zombies- The zombies in Zombie Wars are slow moving though they are allowed to run for short bursts. The goal of the zombies is to spread their infection to the humans until there are no humans left in the game. They spread their infection by biting a human, stabbing them with an Infected Knife (see Blades bellow) or by throwing their infected blood into an open wound on a human.

To spr
ead infection via infected blood zombies must have opened a wound on a human by scratching them. After opening the wound, zombies can sling blood into it if they have been struck, but not killed, by a weapon classified as a blade or a blunt weapon. If a zombie dies, either from gunshot or blade attack, then they no longer have a source of blood to spread to the humans. Zombies can also get blood from other zombies that have blade wounds.

For the blood to get into the wound sufficiently the zombie must be within a foot and a half when their arm is fully extended, having slun
g the blood at the human. This rule of distance is not hard and fast, it's a judgment call.

Zombie Tip: Attack from all sides to better your chances of infecting a human whose attention is split between several zombies.

Humans- Everyone who isn't the first zombie is a human. Humans can run as much as they want and have no limitations regarding physical movement. However, the equipment the humans have does have limitations on them.

Antidotes- When infected a person can receive an antidote to be turned back into a human. Time from infection is not a factor when using antidotes. An antidote can only be used on a person once per round. In other words, if you get infected then antidoted then the next time you get infected in that round you are permanently part of the First Zombie's undead army. If a zombie asks for the antidote they can't receive it at all for that round. Also, if a zombie refuses the antidote then they can't receive it at all for that round. Every human has an unlimited supply of antidotes.

Human Tip: Wait to antidote your friends until they are out of reach of other zombies or your efforts will be wasted.


Guns- Humans are allowed to have an assortment of guns, caliber and type don't have any particular bearing in the game. A standard arsenal is a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle. The amount of ammunition for these weapons is pooled into one large sum. So in theory a human can use all their ammunition firing their pistol and have no ammunition left for their shotgun or rifle. The amount of ammunition is a complete judgment call. It is based on an honor system for the humans and when they feel as though they have used their set amount then they no longer use their guns. Zombies can also interject their opinions about the amount of ammunition left for each human though the final call is one both parties agree upon.

Zombie Tip: Focus on one human to make them use up all their ammo, blades are easier to avoid.

Blades- Humans can use a variety of weapons that are categorized as blades. These weapons include, but are not limited to, knives, swords, chainsaws, axes, etc. Three attacks from a blade weapon will result in a kill. The location of the attack has no bearing on the damage inflicted.

If the attack is made by way of throwing the knife then the zombie will have in their possession an infected knife. The infected knife can be used to stab a human to cause infection. The zombie can only stab the knife three times or throw it once. If the zombie is killed while in possession of the infected knife the zombie retains the knife upon his resurrection.

Human Tip: Don't throw knives.

Blunts- Blunt weapons are any weapons that are used to strike a zombie but do not use a blade. They are only limited by the imagination of the player choosing to use such a weapon. It takes five strikes from any blunt weapon to take down an undead foe.

Theses are the summation of the rules and regulations for Zombie Wars. The game is ever-changing and adaptations can be made at the players' will. Have fun and don't get bit!

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