Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Wow. I'm simply in awe. Nature seems to be the instigator here. Yet it feels as if it came into existence on its own. Nothing comes with effort it seems. An exchange with no hesitation or rules in sight. Why am I so happy here? I usually disconnect and worry alone. But this, this has started better than times before when things were primed. If starting here is this strong then where will it end? What about the times of ease? It seems things will only improve. An admitted frustration lingers over the distance, but it's nothing we can't cover. We are both strong. We'll help each other in more ways than one. There is a thought in my head... but sometimes my passion jumps fast. My smile is consistent these days. When my eyes pass it, I lose control. Just two more days and it will be released into full freedom. We see together like nothing else. We speak together like time isn't there. I know I haven't been this mutual with someone. The last and before are gone now to me. Today is today and that's more than I need.

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