Sunday, July 20, 2008

7 Month Old Realization

Did you know it’s over? One day came and went; normalcy filled it to the brim. Walking in the door, I felt the same. As I sat, the words entered my ears and I took them. Their effect was limited and slow to evolve. The night drew over me and I slept deeply. As my eyes opened to the sun, so did my mind to the newness I realized. So much effort and love and time. Now understanding gives me relief. Too long I have held; my hand didn’t know how to let go. A force overwhelming relaxed the heart that was stubborn to see the truth. I now know what there isn’t for me. This change is small and personal. A within disruption of what had been too long. Opportunities are everywhere and I gladly search through to see what there is. I never believed and never wanted to believe this day would come but the stones have been moved from my eyes to see it for what it is. Love is so bountiful and amazing in this place but I will no longer push toward what there is not. Now I know it is over and yet it is just beginning.

Ah, I can see something new
Truth and understanding flooded me
The day came with so much happiness surprising me
Newness now excites the search
Two or three may appear but those are tomorrow’s words
Excitement makes me want everything to come
I’m refocused as a change sweeps through
I still desire a simple kiss, a simple touch from a someone I know not
The search for real is within my reach

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