Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mexico: Day 1

Journal Entry
Today the Knights of the Roundness were created: Case-In-Point (Casey), Bakes-A-Lot (Bryson), and I (Blacksmith). We room together and eat together. We are not squares like the others. We swim alone... together. But all in all the day was good. The only noticeable snag we have run into on the trip so far is the suburban's front AC wasn't working. When we stopped in Abilene for lunch we tried to get it fixed but there was a leak so just filled it with freon and it worked fine from then on. Tonight we ate... TONIGHT WE SWIM AT 9:30!!! (or later). I'm looking forward to tonight's devotion, the notes for it will follow this entry. We are room 206. I want to have more than I ever had. I want clarity, settling, and connection anew.
What do I expect from this trip?
I want to forget what I was. I want to be new. I want a better, closer, stronger relationship with God. I want a better work ethic that will translate to school and my relationship with God. I want to be obvious.

What is a team?
A group that works together smoothly, in unison, and has the ability to predict the needs of other members and help cover those needs.

I can add value to my team by losing myself and becoming submissive to the greater goals of this trip and God's will.

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