Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mexico: Day 3

Journal Entry
We rocked it today with God's hand behind us. We finished the half of a house pretty good, the only snag was that not all the wood was there when we arrived. But as Frank always says "It's not a problem." Everyone worked very hard today. Despite the setbacks, we finished quickly and that gives us good feelings about having two days to do the other house. It feels so amazing to see God working with us. Like Matt said, we all serve one God and we are all in this together. Out Father is amazing and I praise Him and His amazing love and grace.

What is holding me back?
"G", Fear, Eyes, Comfort, Change, Possessive, Justify, Nothing of significance.
I can come up with nothing that can justify my lack of unrestrain. As hard as I may try and as many arguments as I come up with it still won't matter. My human logic fails and crumbles when set beside the wisdom of our Almighty. I still say to myself that I am coming up with reasons to satisfy. I know I'm denying yet I believe I'm unique in my reasoning. There is nothing I can think, nothing I can say, nothing I can write that will bring satisfaction or reasoning to the locked door I hide behind. Despite having the key and needing the warmth on the other side I refuse to open it. It's useless, futile... still I don't quit.

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