Thursday, December 17, 2009

Myths of Past

Like looking both ways on a one way street
It's an unnecessary recognition
Walking away from repeated needs
How can she debate on them and not see me
A fever wrecks my thoughts
Wishing that I was there
"I love you" echoing deeper inside
I'm moving on but idealization doesn't die
A thought will always call to her, as it does for another
When will I know it's real
How is this going to be returned
Living, living, hurting and dying
Wanting, wanting, waiting and trying
I've confounded this concept
This case calls for recess
It's dynamic and fooled
It's heated and cooled
Endings start the past
Tonight we won't last


Casey said...

My favorite part was how
"Living, living, hurting and dying
Wanting, wanting, waiting and trying" broke up the rhythm from the longer lines at the top half, and led into the shorter lines for the bottom of the piece. It was unexpected, but really well done Sam my dear, kudos.

Casey said...

I reread this.
"looking both ways on a one way street"
I thought, "Hey. I do that. I wonder why." Thought it might make a good piece for the guild.
Got a real bad headache. Thinking to share that idea before I forget it.