Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Live

Tell me of love, of pain, of suffering
Tell me of times of joy lasting tirelessly
Speak those words of praise, divine reverence
It's time to face the lost
It's time to lose your will
Love lasts but dwells among desperation
How do you determine such commitment

Tell me of hate, of pleasure, of happiness
Tell me of those moments lost in investment
I'm fighting these choices when God is leading
Do I know Him as I should
His voice is set behind my own
I'm losing because I chase this path
I will soon lose the source I know
My future is uncertain, I've lost who I am
My potential is squandered

Tell me of choice, of future, of falling
Tell me my life is going, changing
Speak to me and don't let me go
But it's time to leave
It's time to break away
Tell me to dedicate
Tell me to live

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