Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coursing The Veins

So my lovelies, can you guess what is coming to me now? Probably not. I has a trip to White Water Bay fast approaching. Yep, it's on this coming Thursday (and it means I get to skip work). It was previously scheduled for this past Wednesday but alot of the people couldn't make it for different reasons so it was cancelled. This Thursday comes and so does the excitement pandas. Other than that eventful event life is mediocre- work is somewhat monotonous, situations are confusing elsewhere, and 888 is still two months away. On the other hand, I have some super sweet video ideas completely planned out, scripted, and pre-edited... in my head. I know every little aspect of the video that I want, how I want it done, where I want it done, and how it needs to be edited. I can't wait for a good opportunity to shoot them. And one more thing brings me excitement too but I shall only speak three words of it and that is all: The Life Refresh. Let that soup of curiosity simmer in your precious little mindlets.

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