Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Thought

First things first--Monday updates are now moving to Tuesdays. And also my dad pointed out that I was turning the bike pedal the wrong way on my bike (refer to post "Monday on Wednesday").

Moving on.

2 of my 3 teams lost this weekend while the one that won this week had lost the two weeks prior. It's not so bad cause all is not lost for any of the teams. They all still have hope of having great success for the rest of the season.

Work: meh.
School: meh.
Relationship: perfect.

Jessica and I are moving in together on November 18th. We are staying at my apartment complex but upgrading to a two bedroom apartment. I am excited about this, very excited. We are gonna have some fun combining our stuff, though. I expect and have also been told that many of my things are not acceptable for our home.. I agree but I am stubborn sometimes. It's not a big deal to me, really. Things are things and they don't regulate my life. But Jessica is a wonderful homemaker and she wants our place to be beautiful, welcoming, and hospitable.

Other things that I am dwelling on include my script, zombies (duh), and my acting role. It turns out the guy that is the creative mind behind the show I have been cast in has been on a vacation and up until now I have had no contact with him about the show. He has come back and I feel things will start soon.

With my script, I have come in contact with a guy who is going to help me hash some things out with it. Develop the characters better, push the plot along more, and just give some outside perspective for me. I really can't wait to hear what he says about it and what ideas he comes up with.

Zombies. This has several different splintering sources. The second season of The Walking Dead has starting being one. But I don't have cable so I have to wait until it comes out on DVD.. At least that's what I want to do because I like to watch them all at once. I have also gotten into reading World War Z more and am getting excited about the movie coming out in 2012. Then there's Halloween. With Halloween approaching there has been a general forte in the ghouls and zombie department so it's not wonder that zombies are on my mind.

I know these are all small blurbs but it's what's on my mind now. I will knock on your thoughts later good friends!

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