Monday, October 10, 2011


I'll throw down and update on the football games that I mentioned in last week's post and do a quick summary of this week for the teams. I don't want this to be another football post though.

Comanche won in dominating fashion with a victory of 32-6 over the Washington Warriors and pulled themselves into the class 2A rankings at #10.

OU won the game with a merciless one-two punch from defense and offense. The score of 55-17 over Bevo and company sent Texas running.

SNU lost to Northwestern 28-12. I didn't get to see this game (I actually didn't see any of the games) but I know it was tied going into the 4th quarter and it seems the downfall of the Crimson Storm was penalties. They had 159 yards in penalties but otherwise out gained Northwestern. When I see this I think of what one of my coaches said to my team after a loss "You don't have to be undefeated to win the championship." I think that applies here.

What's next? How about a little bit of psychology? Maybe?

Today me and one of my friends did our stint as discussion leader in our Advanced Social Psychology class. I've mentioned before that this is a fun class and I like discussing the topics. Today was about group processes. It basically covered everything from what defines a group, how it is formed, to how the group affects those who associate with it and how groups work with certain types of leadership.

My job right now is not really that fun at all. But when is a job supposed to be fun? I know it's "work" for a reason but I have found that I am in high need of cognition and that cognition can't be repetitive too much. I need something that's stimulates my mind and makes me think of new and adaptive ways to do things. At my job it is pretty set and defined the things I am supposed to do and can and cannot do. They say they want us to come up with new ways to do things but there is only so much we can do within the confines of the ABA program. We are also limited by the kids we work with. This job is beneficial for the pay, the hours, and the fact that I can do school projects as well as get practicum hours for my masters program. Those positives have to outweigh the negatives as much as I feel like they don't. I can't afford to have a different job with less pay, more obscure hours, and also the added hours of class work outside of the job. I hope it doesn't wear me down too much because I am already not a fan of going... at all.

Sorry about the depressing post. I just started typing it out. That's what this is for. I just hurl things off my chest and hope that where it lands some people either look at it and find some value or their examination stimulates thoughts in their own mind. Oh well, thanks for checking out my Monday post. I 'll leave with another promise: I won't always have depressing posts. When I get into a better flow of this I think I'll start posting humorous anecdotes or other things of that sort.

And yeah, that's just a goofy, unrelated pic of me up there.


Anonymous said...

Betrothel. Cheerdiba.

Casey said...

Hey Sam.

I hope that things get better, or at least more manageable, for the future at work. I guess you have 'big people' things to attend to, and it says a lot that you're balancing work, grad school, and an upcoming wedding.
Best of luck...