Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday on Wednesday

Finally, I have a moment to update my blog. Monday was full of work and studying for a midterm and yesterday was full of the same.. Plus the midterm. Now I am sitting in my Advanced Social Psychology class waiting for class to start. I got here early cause I took the bus.

The reason I took the bus is because my bike isn't cooperating with me. I saw that one of my pedals was breaking off because it is part plastic and I show no mercy to weak pedals if they can't handle my pedaling prowess. So, I bought some new metal pedals.. I'm a poet, it's in my nature to rhyme. Then I decided to work on my bike and remove the old pedals and put in the new ones. The pedal that was in need of repair came off with no difficulty and I replaced it with ease. The other one, however, has stubbornly decided to remain unmoved. In the process of trying to remove the immovable pedal I ended up breaking it so now there's a reason for it to be replaced. But I can't get it off of my bike. No amount of strength and WD-40 can overcome the wretched and unwavering nature of this pedal. It has an innate quality that allows it to be the most frustrating maniacal piece of machinery to stand in my way. I've separated fused pieces of pipes with less effort than this stupid, little pedal. I hope I can take it to some bike shop where they will take pity on my frustrations and do it without charge. I don't expect someone to charge to unscrew a stubborn pedal anyway. I just want to be able to ride again.

Ok, so there's my ranting post for the day. I figured I'd hit on my school stresses or my job and how it's getting more bearable or how my running workout is going (great by the way) but I guess posting on Wednesday makes me actually talk about new things rather than the same stuff I've touched on in just about every post. Thanks for reading kids and cadets! God bless and leave me a bowl of soup (comment), I'm hungry cause I skipped breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

I once used the posterior hip socket of a kitten to remove a bike pedal once. You could try that....I didn't even need to replace my pedal. - betrothel