Monday, October 3, 2011


This season of football has been pretty great to me so far. The three teams I consider "my teams" have all rolled along to a great undefeated start.

First and most well-known of the teams I scream maniacally in favor of is the University of Oklahoma Sooners. They're ranked #2 or #3 in the national polls, depending on which one you look at. Right now they have a record of 4-0 and are looking pretty strong.

The next team, and probably the one I actually feel most loyalty to right now, is the Southern Nazarene University Crimson Storm. They're an NAIA school in Bethany, Oklahoma. My brother played 5 years there and is now assisting the wide receivers as a coach. In addition to this, I have several friends who play on this team. They are currently 5-0 and have had blow-out victories in all 5 of their games. They were ranked #11 last week in the NAIA polls and the rankings for this week come out later today. I have no doubt that they will have broken into the Top 10 with a devastating victory over a team that was previously 4-1 (they're now ranked #10).

My former high school is the last team I'm looking at. Admittedly I don't have an enormous amount of heart invested in this team; it's just always nice to see that where you came from has become good again. After I graduated the Comanche Indians had some bad football years but now they've gone 5-0 and are getting better weekly.

All three teams face big challenges this week. OU faces Texas, SNU faces Northwestern (a perennial power in their conference), and the Indians face Washington (a team ranked in the state top ten). I am confident they will all continue greatness and I look forward to seeing more hard-hitting success from them.

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Casey said...

my school's colors are cream & crimson, so seeing "crimson storm" in this post was a little strange...but I'm a sooners fan as much as I can be, if only because a) they're the same colours and b) i want them to do well.