Monday, October 31, 2011

Write On

I'm gonna do Nanowrimo.. Yes, that's right.

I tried this once several years ago and I never finished. The story did end up becoming the fill-length movie script I currently am working on. I have some small things in mind for my novel. It will definitely involve a character I have used before and it has a superhero type them to it.

I don't know how blatantly that theme is going to play out but the main character will have supernatural powers and I plan on making him become a accidental hero; maybe an anti-hero. I've posted a short piece featuring this character on my blog before. It's the post entitled Battle Recouped. I will probably modify that piece to be the beginning of the novel. The character is based off of a superhero me and my brother made up when we were like 12 or 13. His powers are a bit complicated to explain and I don't know how we came up with such a complex sort of idea for a superhero. Anyway, I'm excited about writing it out.

I genuinely have been thinking about randomness to blog about all day today and yesterday and I really can't come up with much right now. I do think I've decided to use my Poem Post Friday's for excerpts from my Nanowrimo writings. My username on is BooderMcDoo if anyone wants to add me on there. Ok, I'll check you guys later.

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